TCS provides competitive businesses with innovatively designed new convention fields.

TCS has been successfully creating high profile images for companies and organizations since 1990. Throughout the designing, planning and construction stages of a new convention fields, TCS considers any current or future environmental refuge concerns by appropriately choosing materials that minimize waste and are adaptive to future design changes.

General Information

Company name TCS CO., LTD.
Head Office Shiba Daimon Bldg., 1-1-32 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan
TEL : +81-3-3432-4720
FAX : +81-3-3432-4730
Establishment May 10, 1990
Representative Takeshi Kakinuma (President & CEO)
Capital \ 66,000,000
Trading Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Onarimon Branch
Mizuho Bank
Business Activities ・Agent for Secretariats of Exhibition and Events
・Booth Construction
・Event Produce
・Management for Conference and Seminar
・Shop Construction
・Advertisement Publishing
・Degital Produce

Shiba Daimon Bldg., 1-1-32 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan

Nishimura Bldg., 1-5-7 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0003, Japan

Content of Business

Total Convention Support

Booth decoration and construction for domestic and overseas trade shows and exhibitions
Premium shows for new products & Year-round events
Domestic caravan events

Detailed attention from the planning board to the actual management of your booth.
TCS takes the step-by-step care that ensures your objectives are met.
Business expos give you an important opportunity to express your corporate philosophy,unique technologies, and vision for the future. TCS' full experience and savvy are there in support of such important convention activities as trade shows, exhibitions, and private events.

Planning & Designing
Illustrative materials and mock-ups help clients to visualize the overall look and image that will be projected by their prospective booth.
Our reliable, skilled staff will construct your booth quickly and to spec.
Management TCS provides you with the right personnel to staff and operate your booth.
TCS can also dismantle your booth safely and efficiently.
After-Sales Service
TCS works hard to build client relations. Thus, we are ready to start working with you early on upcoming exhibitions, events, and promotions.

The best time to begin planning your next event is right after the last one. That is why we are always there for you with promotional support, advanced tools, and planning services.

Domestic Network: Itochu F.T. System Group Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu

Overseas Network: USA, Europe, Southeast Asia

Supports for Show Organizers

* Agent for Exhibition and Event Secretariats
* Agent for Overseas Exhibitors
* Basic Booth Construction
* Exterior Work
* Special Events
* Advertising and Production

T C S(Total Convention Support)

1. Agent for Secretariats

As an agent for event secretariats, TCS will:

  1. Submit required applications to the appropriate governmental agencies.
  2. Produce marketing tools.
  3. Provide schedule management.
  4. Dedicate a special exhibition management team, including:
    Person in charge for the secretariat
    Person in charge for overseas exhibitors
    Person in charge for hall facilities
    Person in charge for fire regulation
  5. Provide special care for overseas exhibitors.
  6. Process applications from exhibitors.
2. Agent for Overseas Exhibitors

As an agent for overseas exhibitors, TCS will:

  1. Submit required applications for exhibitions.
  2. Work directly with the exhibitor on booth design and decoration.
  3. Propose package booth plans.
    * TCS flexibility in meeting material needs comes through the use of modular systems.
    * TCS offers options that can fulfill most any special requirement.
  4. Develop and produce marketing tools such as catalogs and posters.
3. Basic Booth Construction
  1. Install modular structural partitions constructed of environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Plan effective zoning tailored to facility functions and exhibition objectives.
  3. Design displays and stage effects that will fit the exhibitor's requirements.
  4. Reduce costs with the use of rental materials.
  5. Offer fixed package plans with reasonable prices.
4. Special Events
  1. Provide event planning inline with the event's prospectus.
  2. Conduct event promotions to attract exhibitors.
  3. Serve as an agent responsible for event management and operations.
5. Advertisement and Production
  1. Guide promotions and public relations. Efficiently use desktop publishing (DTP) for printed materials.
  2. Design and print advertising.
  3. Prepare printed materials and translations for overseas exhibitors.
  4. Manage related advertising data.
6. Stage Direction and Management
  1. Survey visitors to pinpoint their needs and identify potential customers.
  2. Effectively outsource for hostesses, MCs, and other talent that can attract people to stage events.
  3. Present creative stage presentations that leave an original impression.
  4. Develop and manage marketing tools.
7. Promotion Tools
  1. Direct mail
  2. Catalog, flyers, news releases
  3. Graphic panels
  4. Incentive goods

Supports for Overseas Exhibitors

Look to TCS for:
* Design, construction, operation, and management that fit each exhibitor's persona and objectives.
* Peace of mind comes easily when you rely on TCS to manage your pavilion.

The reliable personnel in TCS' International Department carefully attend to all the needs of our overseas exhibitor clients. Be it detailed design of the exhibit booth, submission of application forms, booth construction, or management, TCS is there.


Intellectual Property Rights Licensing

Purchasing, granting and administering of various licenses of intellectual property rights.

Scope of Contents:
Character, Film, Management Education, Various Educations, Other contents


Accomplishment of main agent for secretariats of exhibition and foundation work

The 2nd International seafood and Technology Expo HOSPEX Japan
Auto Business Trend Messe
Caterex Japan 2001
The 1st Entertainment software dealer's expo and symposium
Asia Packing Exhibition OSAKA
New Berlin & EURO FAIR in Okinawa
International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2002
Automobile & ITS Devices Exhibition
Japan Food Service Equipment Show
East Asia Horticultural Fair
Linux West
Digital Production 2002
Bluetooth Expo 2002
EURO FAIR in Niigata

Main client

All Japan Cooks Association
Japan Excel- Management Consultanting Co., Ltd.
Japan Food Service Equipment Association
Japan Industrial food Service Association
Japan Institute of Logistics System
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
Japan Lunch Food Service Association
Japan Management Association
Japan Self-Service Association
JMA Management Center Inc.
Musical Instruments Fair Association Japan

American Embassy
Asean Center
Australian Enbassy
Belgian Embassy
Brazilian Embassy
Colombian Embassy
Delegation of the European Commission
Egyptian Embassy
New Zealand Embassy
Norwegian Embassy
Philippine Embassy
Polish Embassy
Royal Netherlands Embassy
Sri Lankan Embassy
Thai Embassy
Tunisian Embassy
Turkish Embassy
Washington State Government

Congress Corporation
FANCL Co., Ltd.
Itochu Comstruction Machinery Co., Ltd.
KIRIN Beverage Co., Ltd.
KIRIN Brewery Co., Ltd.
Nihonshokken Co., Ltd.
NTT Communications co., Ltd.
NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
NTT EAST Co., Ltd.